Case Study: Take a Map!

  • Oct 20, 2023

Mini Padfolio

Objective: A university wanted a practical handout to give to prospective students, alumni, and other campus visitors. The handout was intended for first-time visitors and those who hadn't been on campus for quite some time.

Product: Digital Print Mini Padfolio

Personalization: The university graphics team provided custom artwork with university branding on the front cover and pocket flap. The entire back cover was a campus map with labeled buildings and parking lots so that visitors could easily find their way around the university.

Method of Distribution: Depending on the event, padfolios were handed out at the beginning of campus tours or at registration.

Marketing Outcome: The map was helpful for those who wanted to tour campus on their own, and it made it easier for tour guides to give directions. Prospective students and visitors enjoyed the notepad to take notes about various events and activities. Admissions and alumni relations got more out of their budget by purchasing a practical giveaway that would be used repeatedly, rather than one that would thrown out after just a few uses.

Source: Warwick Publishing Co

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